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Grand Canyon not available in stores!,Go Check it out yourself!

The North Rim of the Grand canyon gets the fewest visitors and is difficult to drive to.
It is said to have the most beautiful vistas of the Park.

James Hunley at The North Rim of The Grand Canyon

Oregon coast Council for the Arts and Mozart in Montereys' performance viewed by the Music directors


Dear James,
Thank you for providing such wonderful experiences at your performance ...
As a very busy venue we have had many excellent performers grace our stage. Some arrive perform and leave without much ado.
They leave behind a wonderful performance, but not much else.
Very occasionally a performer comes into our community and leaves so much more.
In your promotional material you express a wish to touch the souls of your audience. No where does it truly portray the amount of soul you leave. Your presence will be felt in this community for years to come.

Over the years of watching audiences leave the performance hall
at the end of the evening, judging the mood and response becomes second nature. How easy it was to that you had touched so many.
The audience went away with a feeling of inner peace. So many
Came up to me (even days later) to say how much they enjoyed your performance ,

Jan Eastman


Dear Mr. Hunley

It gives me great pleasure to write you to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful recital you gave this summer at the Mozart in Monterey International music Festival.

The compositions you performed were thoughtfully prepared, and were presented with masterful technique, yet, while your playing is technically superb, it was your wonderful musicianship, your expressive manner and the glorious sound of your instrument that held me captive"br>
Thank you again and I wish you great success
on your upcoming concerts.

Oleg Kovalenko
Conductor & Music Director
Mozart in Monterey International music festival