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Guitar Wizard Scheduled to Perform

October 7, 2001
ARTESIA - One of the nations leading Classical Guitarists, James Hunley, will appear in a classical guitar event entitled,“An Evening in the Gardens of Spain at 4 p.m. on October 14, at
the Artesia Arts Council, 510 W. Main St.
His performance will feature the Spanish Master works for the classical guitar and an insight to the crazy, impulsive life of a touring Musician.
Hunley takes his own path to the classical music too much fun
for a classical concert!
The images of the Gardens of the Alhambra, the amazing Churches of Seville and Cordoba will be projected behind Hunleys' Performance.
Hunley uses film and video to visually enhance and communicate his music to his listeners, and the results are exceptional.
He has a unique non-traditional, but refreshing approach, which has endeared him to many. The point he makes is that classical
music is as accessible as any other type of music once people shed the fear of it. He adds zing to his concerts with a few music jokes and stories. Sometimes the jokes or anecdotes stem from previous events, like touring Oregon during hunting season. He told an
audience“Other than the trees, the people with the guns make me feel like I'm back in Los Angeles. One recent critic commented,
“James Hunley demonstrated a combination of technical mastery and a sense of humor rarely encountered in his field. Nova Rietmann, in reviewing a Hunley performance, wrote,
“One note, skillfully played, silenced the room as the melodious sound seemed to dance in the air...After the first piece
all paused in awe, then clapped their hands in praise.
Guitar has dominated Hunleys life since age 13. He studied at the San Francisco conservatory of Music, and today continues to produce sounds that captivate his audiences. Hunley, who now resides in Los Angeles, California divides his time between
performing and producing. His television show, “The Acoustic Experience,is still being aired in northern California with 27
episodes of acoustic music, luthiers and guests. He is an advocate for demystifying classical music and believes in using film and video to visually communicate its internal dialogue.
He has served as executive producer for many classical music videos, including Pepe Romero“Recuerdos de la
Alhambra. His own music video, “La Catedral,went international via the Arts Channel on Satellite, Galaxy 1, and was
also broadcast during prime time on New Yorks KNYC.
Hunley's concert program will include selections from his recording, “Lasting Impressions,the works of Albeniz, Lauro
and Barrios and from his latest CD, “R.S.V.P. which was released in January, 1998. Hunley is currently working on a
new CD, “An Evening in the Gardens of Spain"