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Shark School

This is a personal comment page from James Hunley.

To my Dear friends, my fellow players and
the wonderful people that listen to my music and laugh at my jokes.
Life is a great journey.
Sometimes you find yourself swimming with Sharks.

This is for the many young players struggling in music school with the sharks which we all swim with throughout our lives.

In Schools across the world, there are "the naturally gifted players" who were considered by themselves
and others "the chosen ones" in life.
They get a lot of attention from their early achievements.
Those of us who struggled to have the opportunities to practice in peace,
and the situation of not having a supportive family or environment
would look up to these
students and wish.

Now many years later the naturally gifted have quit,
Many are selling, Cars, Real Estate or their Souls.

Some married into financial comfort.

Not all Sharks bite. Sometimes they are amazing to
just swim with.

To my young player friends who are struggling to go to school.
You who did not start playing at age 4, are not driving luxury cars
and struggle playing bad instruments.

Remember Bob Marley sang: don't worry about a thing,
cause every little thing is gonna be all right.
I said don't worry
about a thing, cause every little thing ,is gonna be all right.

Tough times do not last.
If your going to run the race you have to train my dear friends!
Sometimes you will get winded or wounded and have to take a breath.
Life is a beautful marathon.
Music is an amazing journey, an Adventure in every sense of the word.
But the adventure is not
a guided tour.
The people who want it, have to find it, work at it, live it
and bleed a little for it.
The people who think it is entitled to them are like
People on a cruise ship. The food is good
and they don't have to check into a hotel or look at a map but,
they fade away or go back to Kansas.
They have a nice story to tell in their old age. you've heard it "I could have had a concert career if I wanted it"

The adventure is in every step.

Do not let a Dark Dry valley fool you.
There are Rainbows and Waterfalls waiting ahead.
There are people to love and to help
There are mountains to climb, treasures to find, oceans to dive and
tears to cry.

Laugh all you can, learn all you can and
love deeply without possession.

Remember that you gain and lose personal perspective every day.

Search for your connection to a HIGHER POWER.

I want to make a note of the People and places that I have been so very fortunate to know and love.
My dear friend and producer Connie Kaplan.
She taught others to live their dreams. She is missed every day.
Nancy from the Baja animal sanctuary.
She touched lives everywhere. She was my friend and the
Soul who had compassion for Gods finest creatures.
My Grand Mother Nell a woman of God who loved without condition.
I miss you all and I think of you and thank God that I knew you
and you were put in my life.

I want to end with a word of the things that bring me so much joy.
My wonderful Spaniel Yosha and my Flat Coat Shadow.
Driving the auto bahns from Germany through Zurich
down to the Swiss Alps at lightning speeds and stopping,
exhausted, for Expresso in those little towns.
Smoking A Cuban Cigar at the top of the Alhambra in Granada.
Those Great Highland cows and the Isle of Mull.
Time with my Parents and Dogs
Finally getting to the bottom of that hill in Monaco and watching the helicopters take off.
HAWAII, TAHITI, HAWAII I miss you and will be back soon.
The beauty of the ANDES
The opportunity to give whatever I can to those less fortunate
and the ability to help others achieve more than they ever dreamed
Love to you all

James Hunley

This is a letter from James about Miguel Rodriguez
and the loss of that great guitar dynasty

Dear Khai,

I thank you for your return correspondence.
I wish you and yours the very best holiday season.
My next outbound tour will be in Scotland,  but Scotland so far looks like (Inverness, Oban, possibly Bute and about 4 other cities.)
I love the Highlands of Scotland and I'm told Your Country is stunningly beautiful
as well.
I wondered if you had word about Miguel Rodriguez's death and the end of the Dynasty.
Pepe and I were talking and he was saying how his son went to study with Miguel but that Miguel looked at his guitar and said I do not need to teach you.
(this to Pepe, jr) I said to Pepe that his sons guitars are fine instruments and Pepe got a little angry and said Miguel could teach any Luthier something and that he is one of the greatest builders in history.
I was taken back and was thinking well, that's like saying Strad was a good Violin builder.
Then he told me about Miguel's sons death and Miguel's depression.

Pepe went to see him (in Cordoba) and he would not answer the door.
So Pepe went across the street and kept ringing him, till he answered and Pepe
told Miguel "You don't have to talk to me, but if you do not let me in,( to use the bathroom) " I am going to pee on your door"
Pepe went back across the street and Miguel opened the door.
Inside the shop was dark and Pepe used the restroom and went
to the shop.
The lights were off and Miguel sat in total darkness his son's guitars unfinished, hanging on the wall, apparently Miguel just sat day after day.
Pepe took down a "copy" guitar and began to play, after about 15 minutes
Pepe said Miguel, "don't you have anything but this piece of shit here" and Miguel mumbled, You know where they are.
Pepe returned playing and Miguel began to tear up
and eventually wept and told Pepe the tale of his loss of his son and then Nephew.
Pepe stayed and talked and Miguel seemed to have a remission.

Miguel began to build again but only for a short while. A brief time after that he had major medical incident and after time in a nursing home, passed away.

The entire dynasty is lost and the estate,(Wood,shop house in Granada and Cordoba) is in the Spanish Court to be split between Miguels son's (a refrigeration company owner) and his Son's widow.
That is the end of the Rodriguez's dynasty and Pepe has been called to court to appear and help solve the dispute.

Well, that is the story sorry to ramble but as a dealer you may want to hold on to
the Rodriguez's you run across.